Las Vegas Fraud Attorney

A fraud conviction is something that can negatively affect your future and your career for a long time. You may not only face fines and possible imprisonment, you will also have a conviction on your record that will deter many employers from hiring you. They will see “Fraud” and suspect that you may lie and steal from their company – not a situation you want to be in if you want to have a successful career.

The basis of a fraud charge is that someone obtained something from someone else by lying. It can involve failing to deliver a product knowingly or any number of other actions that resulted in gains based on deception. Once the state has decided that you committed fraud, state prosecutors will do their best to see you punished.

Fortunately, a strong criminal defense is capable of protecting you from such punishment. The prosecution still has to prove that you committed fraud, which is not always an easy thing to do – particularly if you are working with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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