Las Vegas Misdemeanors Attorney

Although people commonly think of misdemeanors as minor crimes, the reality of a misdemeanor conviction is no laughing matter. Misdemeanors are still crimes, and while they are not considered as severe as felonies, they are still crimes and the courts will still do their best to see you punished upon conviction. Misdemeanors conviction can lead to fines and sometimes even jail time, so it is important to talk to an attorney should you be accused or charged with even a seemingly minor criminal offense.

At Huggins Law Firm, I offer my criminal defense services to clients throughout Clark County, Nevada. Your misdemeanor case is important to me, and I will work hard to see that you receive a fair judgment from the court concerning your case. I am in this to win, and I will do my best to ensure that the damage to your life caused by your case is minimized.

Please contact my firm today to discuss your misdemeanor case. I offer a free initial consultation, so you can learn about your options at no cost to you.