Battery Domestic Violence (BDV)

A battery domestic violence charge puts you in a tough spot when it comes to Nevada courts. No matter what the circumstances – and things are rarely cut and dry in a domestic violence case – the judge is more likely to try and punish you as harshly as the law will allow. The court can be extremely hard on those who it believes have committed domestic violence-related crimes, which means conviction can lead to serious fines and jail time.

Battery Domestic Violence Attorney Las Vegas
In addition to the punishments that come with conviction, you will most likely also be required to stay away from those involved in the altercation, and/or certain places. Protective orders can make your life more difficult for a long time.  In addition, a battery domestic violence conviction can have serious implications on Divorce and Child Custody proceedings.

The problem with all of these harsh penalties is that many times, the allegations of violence are not accurate. They may be exaggerated, or untrue altogether. Unfortunately, the court is not likely to understand the truth unless you have a good attorney arguing on your behalf.  Learn more about battery domestic violence here.

You will find just such an attorney at Huggins Law Office. I will make sure the truth of the matter is known, and that you are given every opportunity to gain a favorable outcome. Please contact me today to discuss your case with a free consultation.