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Theft Charges in Las Vegas

In most cases, the severity of the charges and penalties you will face in a theft crime in Las Vegas will be based on the value of what was stolen. The higher the value of what you are accused of taking, the more severe the charges and therefore the penalties. If violence was involved, the penalties can become much more severe.

Although the penalties for theft involving relatively low-value goods can be small, it is important to understand that even minor theft charges can do serious damage to your record and therefore your future. Once convicted, it will follow you around for a long time. and, should you be convicted later of another crime, the penalties for the second conviction may be much more substantial because of your prior conviction.

You want to avoid a criminal conviction for theft if at all possible, which is why hiring an experienced Las Vegas theft attorney is advisable. At Huggins Law Office, I have worked with numerous clients accused of theft, and have a proven ability to reach the most favorable outcome possible. I am ready to put that ability to use for you.

Contact my firm today to schedule a free initial consultation where you can talk about your theft case in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am standing by to answer your questions.

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