Emergency Temporary Custody Order Attorney

In many child custody proceedings, whether through modification of custody or just establishing initial parentage and custody, there are emergencies where one parent can – and should – ask the court to grant them emergency custody of the child(ren). An emergency custody order is a temporary custody order that a parent may be able to obtain without a full hearing and even without the other parent present.

For a parent to have grounds to ask the court for an emergency custody order, they must prove that there are serious – usually dangerous – circumstances that call for an emergency change. If you’re afraid for your child’s safety, take immediate action with a Las Vegas and Henderson child custody lawyer.

At Huggins Law Office, we are adept at aiding parents in navigating the intricacies of child custody cases and are available to put our extensive experience to use so that you can obtain an emergency temporary custody order. Once the order is in place, our team can review the issues of your case piece by piece and help you find a more permanent solution that can protect the involved child on a longer-term basis.

When To File An Emergency Temporary Custody Order

A parent can seek an emergency temporary custody order when there are serious, urgent circumstances. More specifically, people seeking to petition the court for an emergency temporary custody order must be able to show that the child(ren) faces an immediate and substantial risk of (but not limited to):

– Sexual abuse

– Neglect

– Being kidnapped/taken out of the state to avoid Nevada jurisdiction

For more detail information refer to NRS 125A.515

When the above or other circumstances such as the death of the custodial parent arise and there is potential danger or imminent harm will occur to the child(ren) if they remain in the custody of the parent which is defined as related to NRS 125C.0611, any of the following individuals may try to obtain an emergency custody order:

– A child’s grandparents

– Another parent of a child (NRS 125C.0629)

– Siblings who are at least 18 years old

– Cousins, aunts, and/or uncles 

– Non-relatives who have a close relationship with the child

Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada Child Custody Attorney

Are you in the middle of a custody dispute? Are you afraid for your child’s wellbeing and need assistance obtaining an emergency custody order? Whichever the case, your child’s safety, and wellbeing are of utmost importance, and it is imperative for you to take immediate action to protect them and remove them from a harmful or dangerous environment – and we can help!

At Huggins Law Office, we have helped countless parents secure emergency temporary child custody orders and can successfully guide you through the legal process. Don’t hesitate to call our Las Vegas and Henderson child custody attorneys for all your custody concerns and needs, including emergency child custody orders.

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