Can Unmarried Father Take Child From Mother?

As an unmarried father in Nevada, can you take your child away from the mother? The answer to this question is not as simple as you may think. In order to provide a full and complete answer, we will need to take a closer look at some of the specific laws that apply in this...

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Is Child Support Taxable

What Is Child Support and How Is It Determined in Nevada? Child support is a payment made by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the purpose of financially supporting their child. In Nevada, child support is calculated using a number of different factors,...

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How to Win a Child Support Modification Case

How to Win a Child Support Modification Case So you need to change your child support agreement? Nevada is a no-fault divorce state, which means that the courts can modify child support agreements for any reason. If you can prove to the court that there has been a significant...

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Retroactive Child Support

Retroactive Child Support In Nevada In the State of Nevada, both parents have an obligation to provide financial support for a minor child that includes necessary maintenance, education, and health care (NRS 125B.020(1). But what if one parent refuses to pay child support to...

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Emergency Temporary Custody Order

Emergency Temporary Custody Order Attorney In many child custody proceedings, whether through modification of custody or just establishing initial parentage and custody, there are emergencies where one parent can – and should – ask the court to grant them emergency custody of...

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Military Divorce Issues In Nevada

Getting A Military Divorce In Las Vegas Unfortunately, when you get married there is no guarantee that things will last as long as you hoped for. This is why so many couples decide to divorce. The process is a bit more complicated than usual for members of the military who reside in Las Vegas. As [..]

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Legal Issues Involving Visitation In Clark County

Legal Visitation Issues in Las Vegas, Nevada If you have children and are in the middle of a divorce or child custody dispute, it’s natural to be concerned about visiting your children. You want to be part of their life, but your former spouse is making it difficult. If that’s your situation, what are your [..]

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Relocation Issues in Child Custody Cases

Legal Relocation Issues In Las Vegas Child Custody Cases There are many issues surrounding Nevada child custody and the effects it has on the rights of the custodial as well as non-custodial parents, but relocation issues in child custody cases is near the top of the list. These issues can be both complex and confusing [..]

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So, Your Ex got ordered to pay child support so he quit his job?

Avoiding Child Support Through Unemployment Or Underemployment in Las Vegas, Nevada, and everywhere else across the country, parents have a responsibility to care of and support their children, and this right continues after a divorce or in the event that the parents of the children were never married. Even if the parent does not share [..]

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