Issues in Nevada Child Custody Cases

Navigating Issues in Nevada Child Custody Cases The Nevada Revised Statues (NRS 125C) point out that the State of Nevada wishes to have a community of strong and healthy families. We all want what’s best for our spouses and children. But if you’ve had to take the unfortunate step of ending your marriage or domestic [..]

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Las Vegas Flat Fee Attorneys

A Las Vegas Flat Fee Attorney can Minimize your Risks Whatever your legal needs, if you live in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—you need an attorney who pursues your case with integrity and tenacity, but also gets you the best value for your dollar. That could mean that working out a flat [..]

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Child Custody and Child Support Modification

WHAT PARENTS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MODIFYING CHILD SUPPORT & CHILD CUSTODY IN NEVADA NRS 125C deals with child custody issues in Nevada. Child custody and child support are some of the most controversial aspects of divorce and family law cases. Sometimes modifications after the original decisions are required in order to make sure the benefits [..]

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Custody Definition

What is the Definition of Custody in Nevada? If you live in southern Nevada and you’re considering or in a custody dispute over your children, you need the best legal help you can get. The state of Nevada wishes to have strong families, even if the relationship between the parents has not thrived. We all [..]

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How Can A Mother Lose Custody Of Her Child?

Why Do Mothers Lose Custody? When parents don’t appear to be in control, they are far more likely to lose custody of their children. Going through a divorce can be a massive source of stress. It’s important to find ways to cope with that stress, but you should be careful about how you behave around [..]

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Can Text Messages Be Used in Court for Child Custody

Text Messages and Child Custody Cases When it comes to family law cases in Nevada, both parties are required to provide evidence to the court to support their proposed orders for child custody, support, and property. The evidence presented may come in the form of documents, testimonies, or photographs. However, lawyers are increasingly using text [..]

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What do judges look for in child custody cases?

It is a widespread assumption that family law decisions typically favor mothers in court battles, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most people are of the opinion that mothers will always win primary custody. This is definitely not the case at all, especially if you are working with an experienced child custody attorney [..]

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What Is The Tender Years Doctrine?

Tender Years Doctrine In Nevada When people go through a divorce or separation in southern Nevada and they develop child custody agreements, they sometimes ask me about the “tender years” doctrine. I’m Shawn Huggins and my law office and I have over 20 years’ experience practicing family law in southern Nevada. The Huggins Law Office [..]

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Child Relocation For Military Families

How To Deal With A Relocation Request For Military Child Custody Cases In Las Vegas This is another post from my series that discusses the way military service could potentially impact child custody and divorce cases in Las Vegas. In my previous post, I covered how a military person while deployed, is protected from any [..]

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