Sole Child Custody

The Granting of Sole Custody of a Child When sole custody is granted to anyone parent, it gives that parent autonomous and exclusive authority in making any decision that pertains to the life of that child. This parent then has both physical and legal custody of the child and has the sole and full responsibility [..]

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Fathers’ Custody & Visitation Rights in Las Vegas Nevada

Nevada Laws That Determine Custody and Visitation Rights for Fathers In Nevada, fathers and mothers have the same rights in regard to the children born out of their association. This includes rights of custody and visitation when a domestic partnership or marriage has broken up. For these rights, it is not necessary for the father [..]

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How Long Does Alimony Last

Everything You Need To Know About Alimony In Nevada How Does The Court Calculate Alimony In Nevada? Alimony is the monetary payment one of the spouses has to pay the other one following a divorce. Also known as spousal support, it is determined by court order. Nevertheless, there are divorce cases when alimony is not [..]

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Nevada Child Support Calculator

Child support is a difficult subject. It can be hard to figure out what you should be paying or how much you should be getting in child support payments. This Nevada Child Support Calculator might just help clear things up for you! Nevada Child Support Calculator is a free tool that helps you to figure [..]

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