Las Vegas Guardianships Attorney

Guardianship is a process by which a non-parent takes over the physical care and custody of a minor child in Las Vegas Nevada. There are numerous reasons why this can occur including the death of the parents, incarceration of a parent or abuse in the home. This is not a simple process; the courts must approve the application and ensure the child will be in a loving and safe environment.

It is critically important for you to discuss the legal guardianship with an attorney who understands the process and can provide you with guidance pertaining to your legal rights during the process. We understand the goal is the best interests of the child but we also understand this decision will have a significant impact on your life and the life of the child.

If you are considering filing a guardianship petition in Las Vegas Nevada, contact Huggins Law Firm today. We can help you navigate the legal system and work towards the best possible outcome for you and the child.

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