Issues in Nevada Child Custody Cases

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Navigating Issues in Nevada Child Custody Cases

The Nevada Revised Statues (NRS 125C) point out that the State of Nevada wishes to have a community of strong and healthy families. We all want what’s best for our spouses and children. But if you’ve had to take the unfortunate step of ending your marriage or domestic partnership and you have young dependents, you need the best legal help you can get to navigate the complex issues in Nevada child custody cases and make sure your relationship with your children remains strong.

With over 20 years practicing family law in southern Nevada, you should seek the help of the Huggins Law Office.

Child support should not be confused with custody. After support negotiations, we can deal with custody and visitation rights. If you live in Nevada and you move within the state, your custody agreement will stay in effect as well as any child support. As life changes, the agreement will sometimes change, too. We can review the agreement every three years. If you’re new to Nevada and need assistance with custody issues, the Huggins Law Office can help you, too.

In some situations, it’s necessary to change the custodian of a child, perhaps for only a brief time. Often this involves grandparents or third parties. Custody transfers can be extremely complex and you should reach out soonest for legal advice and help. Without proper representation you may lose money you need for the lives in your care or even miss a deadline as there are statutes of limitations. One possible reason for changing custodians could be military deployment. The stresses of a temporary deployment can already be a strain on a family, so having help with the legal work can be a stress reliever. A custody change can ensure your children are well cared for during your time away from them, whatever the reason. In most cases, when you are ready to come back into their lives we can file the necessary paperwork to get custody returned to you.

It is also often necessary to modify custody agreements. There are many reasons why we might have to do a modification. As noted elsewhere on this site, your economic status or the status of your ex-spouse could change. Sometimes life may grant one of you the benefit of a promotion. Occasionally, in trying economic times, one of you may experience a layoff or a firing. So long as one former partner is not trying to escape his or her custody responsibilities by taking a lesser job to avoid support payments, which is illegal under Nevada law (NRS 125B.020), we can and will alter the agreement due to any change in employment status.

Quite often former spouses remarry, which may require an overhaul of your custodial agreement. Even relatively simple things can make alterations or temporary changes in the custodial agreement necessary, like your co-parent taking your children on a trip outside of the United States. These momentary events can easily be resolved. More serious issues could also arise, such as you or your spouse getting a career opportunity in another state or foreign country. That would most likely require big changes to your agreement.

In many families there are unique issues. A common one could be children with disabilities. We can help to ensure that special needs are taken care of in both households and their rights protected. If there are other issues that may be difficult to bring up, you can always rely on the complete confidentiality of the Huggins Law Office. Your stories are safe here, and we can ask for non-disclosure if necessary as we move through the custody process.

Whatever your situation, children are Nevada’s greatest asset, our future. We should do everything we can to ensure their future is as bright as we can make it. With over 20 years practicing this type of law, Huggins Law Firm is the resource you need to make that future possible.

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