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Las Vegas Military Divorce Lawyer Shawn Huggins has the experience and skills you need to win your case. If you are in the military and getting divorced, you need someone with experience. He has been helping Las Vegas residents and its surrounding cities for over 20 years. Take your time with things. Huggins Law Office gives free consultations, so you have nothing to lose. Call Las Vegas Military Divorce Lawyer Shawn Huggins now – (702) 387-4014.


Things To Know If You Are Getting A Divorce In The Military

Las Vegas Divorces and custody disputes are complicated, and when one party is a service member, there are even more complex issues. Since deployment to new duty stations is a fact of life for active military members, there are often unique challenges facing non-custodial parents regarding visitation. Additionally, military pensions and benefits complicate many couples’ property division issues.

While the military considers divorce a civilian matter, numerous military issues could impact a divorce, including housing. For example, if the couple is living on base, the non-military spouse could be forced to move quickly. If both parties are military personnel, the military must implement a parenting plan.

Whether you and your spouse agree that divorce is the only answer and one or both of you are in the military, you need to work with a Las Vegas Military Divorce Lawyer who has experience dealing with the unique needs of military personnel. Contact Huggins Law Firm if you are divorcing or have child custody matters but are unmarried and one or both of you have served or are serving in the military. Las Vegas Military Divorce Lawyer Shawn Huggins can help you get the desired results during this difficult time. Call him today for a free consultation at (702) 387-4014. Click here to learn more about military divorce in Las Vegas.

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