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Child support is a difficult subject. It can be hard to figure out what you should be paying or how much you should be getting in child support payments. This Nevada Child Support Calculator might just help clear things up for you!

Nevada Child Support Calculator is a free tool that helps you to figure out the best possible child support arrangement for your situation. It takes into consideration things like how many children are involved, what each parent’s gross income is and pays attention to other factors such as spousal support or alimony payments made by one party on behalf of the other.

Calculating Nevada Child Support

We want to provide you with more information about child support calculations in Nevada. At Huggins Law Office, we are your one-stop shop for all of your family law needs!

Parents should be proactive about child support calculations, for the sake of their children. The future starts now! Every parent is responsible for making sure that the children receive appropriate child support payments.

The Nevada Child Support Calculator is an online tool that provides assistance to legal professionals in creating compensation for children. Judges have the authority to order either parent in a Nevada divorce case to make child support payments. Reasons for asking one parent or another to pay may vary, but judges can and often do override those decisions, even ordering payments that weren’t requested by the divorcing spouses. While it may seem tempting to use online tools, the best way for parents to plan their child’s support is always by consulting with me.

A few benefits are available for families in Nevada. This includes 3-yearly renegotiation of child support agreements and 1-year extensions to those agreements made under NRS 125.NRS 125B.145 considers the assessment and modification of an order for child support. The importance of calculating and paying child support cannot be overstated. If your ex remarries, moves away, or receives a promotion at work that changes their economic situation, the new amount of money coming in could be significant for you and them.

Economic situations often change. Given the changing nature of work for many people, you may experience a period of unemployment that significantly impacts your child support payments.. We can work with you to address any unique needs when drafting your parenting plan.

One drawback of the Nevada Child Support calculator is that a parent may discover there are hidden assets that could impact child support payments. If you believe your partner was not honest during the process to end your relationship, our team can help update the terms of your agreement and the child support ordered. I have more than 20 years of experience in Nevada child support law cases, and I’ve seen every trick former partners try to pull on each other. As bad as your anger or jealousy might feel, it should not affect the young lives you are responsible for.

Out of all the issues that people search for legal counsel, NRS 425.383 appears frequently. This chapter will also guide us if we are required to repay a support obligation. The Nevada Child Support Calculator is closely aligned with NRS 425 and 125B, as once we review the previous support agreement NRS 425.383 allows us to modify and adjust the previous order.

How does the Nevada Child Support Calculator work?

The Nevada Child Support Calculator is a tool designed to help parents estimate the amount of child support that one parent should pay the other in divorce, separation, or when unmarried parents are involved. 

Child support is intended to provide financial assistance to the custodial parent (the parent with whom the child primarily resides) from the noncustodial parent (with whom the child does not primarily reside). The calculator considers various factors to determine a fair and appropriate child support amount.

Here’s how the Child Support Calculator generally works:


Determine your monthly gross income in Nevada.

Determine your GMI, or “gross monthly income.” GMI is monthly income from any source without deductions for:

  • personal income taxes
  • retirement benefit contributions
  • pension contributions
  • any additional personal expenses

You can deduct all reasonable business expenses if you work for yourself.

Remember that your GMI should account for tips, bonuses, and regular salary.


Determine the number of children that you must support in Nevada.

Your only children for whom you would be required to provide financial support under Nevada child support law are:

  • under the age of eighteen (minor)
  • Currently eighteen years old and still pursuing a high school education
  • under a legal disability (including such a serious mental impairment)
  • not acknowledged as emancipated in Nevada

Whether the child is adopted or born in Nevada has no bearing on the situation. Generally, parents whose parental rights have been revoked are not obligated to pay child support for stepchildren.


Calculate your Nevada “obligation of support.”

The amount of money a parent may be required to pay for child support is known as their “obligation of support.”

The courts use a parent’s GMI as a percentage to determine how much child support to order. The number of children the parent must sustain determines this proportion.

A parent’s percentage increases with the number of children they must support. To find your % if your GMI is between $1,700 and $6,000, follow the value below:

  • One child, 16% GMI for child support
  • Two children, 22% GMI for child support
  • Three children, 26% GMI for child support
  • Four children, 28% GMI for child support

Add 2% for each additional child.

Use this calculation to determine your “obligation of support.”: Divide your GMI by 100 after multiplying it by the relevant percentage. A percentage calculator available online allows you to verify your outcome.

The amount that the court will require you to pay may differ from this amount. Additional variables could lead to variations in this figure, as covered in the following sections: For instance, the support payments would likely be lower if you and the children have joint custody.

The math gets trickier if the GMI is higher than $6,000. Therefore, go to the Nevada Child Support Guidelines Calculator to determine how much child support you must pay.


Consider other Nevada child support factors.

The method for computing child custody payments is covered in the sections before this one. However, in using Nevada’s child support calculation, the court must take other factors into account, such as:

  • health insurance cost
  • child care cost
  • any specific needs of the child
  • the child’s age
  • the parents’ legal obligation to provide for the support of others
  • The worth of the services that each parent provided
  • any public assistance provided to the child
  • Any expenses that are logically associated with the mother’s confinement and pregnancy
  • The cost of transporting the child between places of visitation if the noncustodial parent stays and the custodial parent moves with the child out of the court’s jurisdiction where the support order was issued.
  • The duration of the child’s visitation with each parent
  • Every other expense that is required for the child’s benefit
  • Both parents’ relative income

The 10th factor is among the most crucial of all of these: the duration of the child’s visitation with each parent:

Child support is only paid by the noncustodial parent if that parent has primary physical custody, defined as spending more than 60% of the child’s time with that parent.

However, the court determines what each parent might pay using the formula if they had shared physical custody, which entails each spending at least 40% of their child’s time with the other parent. The court orders the parent with the greater financial obligation to make up the shortfall.

It’s important to note that parents are free to decide on child support payments that differ from what the court would typically decree. Nevertheless, before approving the choice, the judge might ask the parents for evidence.

It’s important to note that whenever the paying parent’s GMI changes by over twenty percent, the parents have the right to petition the court to amend the child support order.

Child Support Calculations

The Nevada Child Support Calculator is not the only factor that goes into calculating child support. A question I often get asked is when does child support in Nevada end? As a parent owing child support, you are obligated to make payments until your child turns 18 years old. In some circumstances, you may find that your child is in high school and will graduate at the age of 19. Here we will review who is eligible to use the Nevada Child Support calculator.

If you are paying child support and are a Low-Income Earner, you may be impacted by Presumptive Maximum Child Support. Nevada has unique formulas for people like you, and these may be slightly different than Child Support Calculator figures. Low-income workers can use the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine how support will work for them. When it comes to child support obligations, the laws in Nevada are designed to ensure that all parties receive what they’re owed. I can offer my expertise and knowledge of these tables for your consideration.

For a variety of reasons, particularly those related to children’s futures, parents in the U.S. take active roles in raising and providing for their children. I’ve done over 20 years of negotiations that fit the needs of my clients. Let me help prepare your family so you can be as prepared as possible for what may happen to your financial situation.

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