Nevada State Railroad Museum Boulder City

The Nevada State Railroad Museum is located in Boulder City, just outside of the Las Vegas area. The Nevada Southern Railway Historical Association founded the museum in 1981 on land donated by the Union Pacific Railroad Company. The museum features historical information and artifacts about trains that operated over the Nevada Southern Railway from 1906 to 1968.

Nevada State Railroad Museum Boulder City, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a little-known gem if you are in the area. For those who don’t know, it’s about 10 minutes from the Strip and only open on weekends. The museum has various trains and train artifacts to explore and learn about. It also has picnic areas so families can enjoy their time together while learning something new!

The Nevada State Railroad Museum, situated in Boulder City, Nevada, showcases railroad memorabilia and artifacts from the last century of railroading in Nevada. Additionally, it features a model railroad layout that illustrates various periods of railroads in the region.

An educational facility that aims to preserve the history of railroading in Nevada is the Nevada State Railroad Museum on 200 acres of land outside Las Vegas’ Boulder City. The museum showcases an extensive collection of locomotives, cars, and other railroad equipment, some of which are operated for rides or restored to active status, while others have retired.

The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City, Las Vegas, is an incredible place to visit. It’s more than just trains, though; this museum has interactive exhibits that teach you about the history of Boulder City and how it became one of the fastest-growing cities in America. We’re here to tell you about what they have on display at NESRM!

The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City, Las Vegas, has a great collection of trains and train memorabilia. Not only are the museum’s exhibits on display, but you can also go on a ride through history. The museum offers five train rides that take visitors on an adventure through the railroad’s past. These trips are perfect for families or anyone learning more about America’s railroad heritage.

Located in Boulder City, Nevada, the Nevada State Railroad Museum aims to educate the public about railroading and its impact on the history of Las Vegas. This Colorado River town played a crucial role as a stop for trains transporting passengers, mail, freight, and gold bullion heading west from California or east from Arizona.


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