Legal Issues Involving Visitation In Clark County

Legal Visitation Issues in Las Vegas, Nevada If you have children and are in the middle of a divorce or child custody dispute, it’s natural to be concerned about visiting your children. You want to be part of their life, but your former spouse is making it difficult. If that’s your situation, what are your [..]

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Criminal Battery Constituting Domestic Violence In Nevada

Huggins Law Office : The Best Las Vegas Criminal Domestic Battery Defense Attorneys The use of violence or force against another person is known as battery and is a criminal offense. If the alleged victim of battery is a person you are in a romantic relationship with, person you are living with, family member, ex-spouse, [..]

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Military Divorce Issues In Nevada

Getting A Military Divorce In Las Vegas Unfortunately, when you get married there is no guarantee that things will last as long as you hoped for. This is why so many couples decide to divorce. The process is a bit more complicated than usual for members of the military who reside in Las Vegas. As [..]

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