How To Annul A Marriage In Nevada

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Annulment Attorney In Las Vegas

If you are looking for a fast marriage, Las Vegas, Nevada is where you need to go. The Strip is home to numerous wedding chapels and that’s where the custom was born. However, having a fast marriage might call for an annulment immediately. You can annul your marriage if it meets certain specifications. If you need an annulment, you need to do your research before filing anything.

Annulment vs Divorce

Annulments are quite different from divorces. With an annulment, your marriage is completely erased instead of dissolving it like you would in a divorce. Basically, the marriage never happened in an annulment while in a divorce, the marriage is dissolved. Note that, annulments are quite rare compared to divorces.

For cause of annulment know it through NRS 125.380.

However, there are a few couples who seek them, especially religious couples who are against divorce in the first place. Also, you can get an annulment if you feel it would be easier because there is a known flaw in your marriage in the first place.

Both annulments and divorces have a few similarities. The first similarity is the methodology of getting both. You need to file a complaint in court and papers will be served to your spouse. Next, there will be appropriate hearings or get a default judgment if there is no answer to the complaint. As mentioned, an annulment wipes the record clean.

That means you can’t receive any alimony payments. However, you can get child support (NRS 125C.0675 ) depending on the marriage specifics in the first place. Remember, child support is the child’s right and should not be negotiated by either of the parents.

Must-Have Grounds

Annulments and divorces are different in the fact that there must be a valid ground for the annulment to be granted. Note that, Nevada has completely abolished grounds for divorce besides irreconcilable differences. Annulments can be granted on the fact that there is avoidable or void marriage in existence.

A void marriage should never have existed legally in the first place, especially if both parties are married to other people. Avoidable marriage implies the presence of a defect that can cancel the existing marriage. Note that, there are several grounds that can be considered for annulling a voidable marriage in Nevada.

One of the most common reasons is the lack of parental consent. Under Nevada law, minors under the age of 18 can’t marry without the consent of at least one parent. If the minors continue to enter into the marriage, these are grounds for annulment. Minors can’t enter into contracts legally so it applies here since marriage is also a legal contract. Other grounds for annulment include duress, lack of understanding, fraud, and insanity.

How Can A Las Vegas Family Lawyer Help You?

Even with annulments being rare in the modern age, they are still available to people who need them. If you want your marriage to be annulled for whatever reason, you should work with a knowledgeable family law attorney immediately. Huggins Law Office is ready to assist with your marriage annulment today. Call us now on 702-387-4014 and schedule a consultation with one of our top family law attorneys.

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