Las Vegas Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Under Nevada law, couples can file a joint divorce petition. However, each case requires individuals to seek assistance to draft the paperwork and provide legal advice. Some of the issues couples must agree upon when filing for divorce include:

  • Child Support and Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Assets and Other Financial Issues
  • Parenting Plan and Visitation

Many couples believe if they agree on issues there is no need to hire an attorney. However, mistakes can be made in legal documents meaning the process takes longer than necessary. While both parties need not have an attorney, if you are considering a divorce and you and your spouse have already worked out the primary issues, contact our Las Vegas uncontested divorce lawyer at  Huggins Law Firm for help preparing paperwork and to discuss the parameters of a fair settlement. Having a knowledgeable attorney can help prevent costly mistakes.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney Las Vegas