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A Las Vegas Flat Fee Attorney can Minimize your Risks

Whatever your legal needs, if you live in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—you need an attorney who pursues your case with integrity and tenacity, but also gets you the best value for your dollar. That could mean that working out a flat fee agreement might be your best bet for legal and financial success.

With over 20 years practicing family law in southern Nevada, you should seek the help of the Huggins Law Office.

Not all attorneys work with a flat fee structure. The Huggins Law Office will make that arrangement in many but not all cases. A common complaint of many attorneys comes from the need to track billable hours. Instead of working on cases, logging hours takes attorneys away from essential legal work. A flat fee removes this burden and allows an attorney to focus on the case at hand. Ideally, flat fees give an attorney the incentive to work more resourcefully, with as little wasted time as possible, creating speedier decisions and making for happier clients and more work—a win for everyone involved.

A flat fee not only removes the tracking of hours but can also streamline paperwork. In many cases the paperwork used is similar to previous cases. A flat fee motivates an attorney to make use of existing copies, changing only wording or other data necessary for a specific case. The quicker the paperwork is ready to be submitted the quicker the case may come to resolution.

As with the paperwork, flat fees incentivize attorneys to work more efficiently. This creates a flow of predictability as the case progresses, perhaps aligning the interests of client and attorney even more tightly than in an hours-based approach. Both attorney and client want a speedy resolution to a case, especially when financial restitution is at stake, and allowing the attorney to focus closely on the case without unnecessary distractions should make the process move more swiftly.

While not always common, fee disputes do arise between attorney and client. In the hourly billing model, every phone call, meeting, piece of paperwork, depositions, and any other necessary part of a case or filing gets noted and added to the final bill. Often clients do not understand some of these fees and charges and even after the successful conclusion to a case may have issues with their attorney over bills. A flat fee can remove all of this confusion. A well-drafted flat fee agreement allows a client to understand from the beginning exactly how much their share of the final bill will be. From the attorney’s side, the flat fee agreement presses them to know precisely how much time and work a specific case will be. This is another win-win for both parties.

For all these reasons and many more, a flat fee structure may make the most sense for your case. Trust the Huggins Law Office and its 20 years’ experience in family law in southern Nevada to bring you the positive resolution your case deserves.

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